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This page contains helpful information about auto painting. From simple scratch removal to high-end custom paint jobs, your local collision shop can help you navigate the process and choose the paint job that is best for your vehicle and your budget.

To repaint or not to repaint?

Why Repaint? If your car has been in an accident, suffered door dings, is rusty or faded with age, your local collision shop can transform your vehicle into a great looking ride again. If your car is in good shape and runs well, it may make sense to spiff up the exterior.

Many times it’s more economical to repair the bad spots rather than repaint the entire vehicle. Depending on the age and value of your vehicle, some simple but effective alternatives might be available. For example you may have a dent in the fender, stone chips in the hood, or rust on the rocker panel. Fixing the problem areas and polishing the rest of the vehicle that’s still in good shape, will be less expensive and achieve your goal of making your ride look great again.

There may be a point you’ll need to repaint the entire vehicle. The collision shop can do simple cosmetic repairs to correct surface damage like scratches, scuffs and scrapes and repaint, or strip the old finish & restore completely. Check with your collision center as to the available variation in paints and optional finishes.

When deciding whether to invest in cosmetic repairs for your vehicle, keep in mind that even very minor damage, if not addressed, can leave your vehicle vulnerable to rust over time. When damage goes beyond the surface, additional body work may be required.

Beyond Restoration

If you really want to go the extra mile in making your ride look unique, specialty paints can make your car stand out from the crowd. Air brush, pin striping, two-tone, radiant colors, pearl metallic paints are a few of the special effects that can customize your look.

Choosing a Paint

Not all paints are the same. The variations can make a difference on glamour, durability, and costs. The most common paint system today is two component urethane.  The older paint systems such as lacquers or enamels are still available but suffer in durability. Trust the professionals to recommend the best paint system for your project.

In addition, many factors such as age, wear, sun-damage, specific colors, etc. can make it difficult to match the new paint with the old. An experienced, professional, collision shop has a paint mixing system. This will allow him to tailor or tint for a color match. Rely on the professional to assist you in determining if a match is achievable or a blend may be a better option.